Keyword Article Writing: Long or Short?

Article writing and distribution has become one of the most effective ways to market your website or business online. Writing keyword rich articles with linked author biographies can lead many potential customers to your product or service.
The average length of keyword articles is between 400 and 600 words. This is a fine article length, but writing longer or shorter keyword articles can have their place in marketing campaigns.

Short Article Pros and Cons

CON ONE: Not enough information

People do not read articles just to see your link at the end. You need to provide enough information for them to get an idea about the topic they searched for.

CON TWO: Not enough keywords for search engines.

Sure, keyword density is what the search engines are really interested in, but having one keyword in a one hundred-word article is not as enticing as having five of that keyword in a five-hundred word article.

PRO ONE: Does not overload readers.

When a person searches for information on the internet, they rarely want to read a three-page essay on the topic. Brevity can get your point across and then you direct them to further information in your author's bio.For essay writing service visit Rasmus Kreutzmann

PRO TWO: Quick to write and distribute.

Obviously, a short article is much quicker to write, and therefore distribute, than a longer article. In keyword article marketing, gaining traffic for your website or blog is pretty much a numbers game. The more articles you have out, the more backlinks your site has, and the more traffic it can generate for you.

Long Article Pros and Cons

CON ONE: Short Attention Spans

People don't want to read a novel when they are searching for information online. The standard rule of thumb for internet attention spans is 3 minutes. If you can't give a visitor what he or she wants in that amount of time, he or she will move on.

CON TWO: Two Much Information

Articles should be keyword specific for maximum effectiveness. Writing a long article will provide too much information for your readers, rather than the specific information that they are searching for.

PRO ONE: The Expert Factor

Writing highly detailed, extensive articles will further cement the idea that you are an expert in your readers' minds. This is a good thing. People are more apt to do business with someone whom they think is highly knowledgeable in their field.

PRO TWO: Multiple Keyword Targeting

Despite wanting to be specific in your articles, it is sometimes a great idea to target two complimentary keywords or keyword phrases. Getting the correct frequency percentage for two keywords requires a longer article. Very closely related keywords are best for this in article writing.

Whether you decide to write short or long keyword articles, or to stick to the average 400 to 600 word pieces, your efforts can be effective. Keyword article writing and distribution is one of the best ways to build consumer confidence, and get the word out about your business or website.